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Friday – The best thing I’ve seen in ages!!

December 14, 2012

Another good website for you and this one’s awesome!


…is a site where users can log on and help researchers identify animals caught on camera traps over a massive area in Tanzania. You’ll be looking at pictures like this:

Or maybe this:

And telling the researchers what animals you think you’ve seen. It’s a bit like being on safari from the comfort of your sofa. I’ve spent a few hours already but I’m not too worried seeing as I know it’s productive! Get involved!


Tuesday – Yawning tortoises? Must be Ig Noble time again!

October 10, 2011


See these two? Very cute right? Well yes they might be but apparently, according to research from the University of Lincoln, they don’t have much empathy for each others feelings, which was proven by the fact that tortoise yawns aren’t contagious!  And this research won the team behind it an Ig Noble prize for achievements that “first make people laugh, and then make them think”.

Tuesday – Your help needed!

April 5, 2011
Ring-necked parakeet

Image from the RSPB

It would be fantastic if you could spare a minute to complete this brief survey on ring-necked parakeets in the UK. It probably takes less than a minute and you will be helping some important research. Just click the link or the bird!

Saturday – Surveys

February 12, 2011

Help please!!

I need your help… Hard to believe, I know, but it’s true! I am carrying out some educational research into how different yeargroups understand Chemistry and I would very much appreciate if you could complete a survey (or two!)  for me:

This one if you are in 3rd form (year 9) or above.

This one if you are in 4th form (year 10) or above.

Please do both if you’re eligable and leave a comment with your first name and you never know but I might find a little reward for you!