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Wednesday – The sharp end of the year

April 24, 2013

With the exams approaching, you can expect to see more revision themed posts from me. And I was intending to start that trend about now; however, a couple of really interesting stories in the news caught my eye and I was distracted:

Via the BBC – Wildlife experts are due to discuss the reintroduction of bears (once a native species) into the Scottish Highlands. Click the pic for a full story.

From New Scientist – A miracle material that looks like a liquid yet shatters like glass and happens to be called Oobleck! Once again a quick click takes you to the full story.

And finally, bringing things back to revision, feel free to tweet me (@MFEbden) with any questions about your exam prep.


Thursday – Amazing Images…

September 20, 2012

…From the Astronomy Photographer of the Year contest:

Wednesday – Halfway and a great week so far!

March 14, 2012

We’ve had some great events already as part of National Science and Engineering week: Monday’s link-up didn’t go quite to plan but there was real enthusiasm, the debate on GMO was superb with some outstanding speakers and Cool Physics was, as always, a really fantastic show!

Many thanks to the Cool Physicists from UKC

Also – BBC’s Bang Goes the Theory on Monday showed a very interesting show that was filmed in Broadstairs a while ago and, if you look really carefully, you might see some recognisable faces!

Bang in Broadstairs on iPlayer

Sunday – Bang!

January 29, 2012

Two really exciting things happened in a really busy week: On Tuesday we went to Broadstairs to be extras in the BBC’s Bang Goes the Theory (@bbcbang) science program. I won’t give too much away but it involved a race between tow slightly modified motorbikes. It was really cold but everyone had fun (I think!).

And then on Thursday, I drove up to Oxford for a meeting and we we’re lucky enough to be hosted by the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory where the Diamond Light Source is based. Our meeting room actually overlooked the ISIS particle accelerator!

Thursday – Tragedy in Pegwell Bay!

March 3, 2011

This is quite sad really – A sperm whale, one of the gentle giants of the sea has been found dead at Pegwell Bay in Ramsgate.

The stranded whale

Expert’s believe the whale may be a lone male that was possibly confused by shipping in the area or even hit by a ship. Whales are not normally seen in British coastal waters.

Friday – Nearly exeat

January 22, 2010

5 Phy – You lot did a experiment to investigate refraction in glass and perspex, we’ll use your results next lesson so don’t lose them!

4 Phy – We looked at our solar system and I asked you if ours was the only one, I look forward to some interesting answers!

4 Che – You spent the lesson writing up you experiment on catalysts and you all did jolly well.

L6 Che 2 – You managed to make some jets of liquid bend round corners. Not something you see every day! I gave you some practice questions to do for next lesson as well as the 2.2 prep sheet.

And finally… If you have some spare time over exeat I can thoroughly recommend this brilliant program from the BBC about the history of chemistry and the science and technology news page also from the BBC where you can see this strange beast:

Snail fish


January 12, 2010

No lessons today due to exams, so here’s a picture for you. This funny looking beast is a shar-pei and here’s a link to a story from the BBC news site about how he got so wrinkly.