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Thursday – Nearly there!

June 17, 2010

The end of exams is nigh

Exam season is nearly over and all that’s left to say is good luck GCSE physicists for the unit 2 exam tomorrow! And perhaps I might see some of you at the last minute revision session in lab 5 this afternoon.


Friday – Good luck GCSE physicists!

May 28, 2010

It’s your unit 1 exam this morning and hopefully you’re all feeling confident. You should be! Best of luck and don’t forget to check your answers etc…

Monday – Save the ozone layer!

May 3, 2010

The ozone layer and how it is damaged by CFCs is something that comes up in AS chemistry and GCSE physics and chemistry. Find out more here, here and here.

Thursday – get ready!

March 11, 2010

Next week is science and engineering week – not just in our school but all over the country. Lots of really fun activities and events will be happening. Details to follow.

In the meantime, here are a couple of sites that some of you might like to visit:

Doc Brown’s Chemistry Revision – Amazing site with so much detail including A-level

S-Cool GCSE – Decent revision site for GCSE physicists needing a little extra help

Friday – Do elephants walk or run?

February 12, 2010

They walk/run apparently, according to research published in the Journal of Experimental Biology…

… Who knew? Slow day science news wise as you can see! In other news my cold is still causing me annoyance but rather less discomfort and half-term starts tomorrow. I will be posting next week, so do check back if you have a spare moment. Enjoy the break!

Oh, I almost forgot – 5 Phy and L6 chemists, I’ve updated my wiki site to include even more notes to help you with your revision.

Monday – Bird watching

February 8, 2010

Lessons today: L6 CHE 1 – we started looking at 2.7 chemical equilibria; 5 PHY – you did a practical on resistance and you’re revising for the P5 test on Thursday; and 5 CHE – you’re practicing your calculations.

Away from academic things, a rather sad incident today made me consider the local wildlife…

Herring gulls might seem like a nuisance and I know there seem to be millions of them but they’re actually on the RSPB’s red list as their numbers have declined by more than half in the last 25 years!

And Parakeets, those beautiful bright green birds that can be seen in trees around the school grounds, are invaders from another continent, so should they be here? Do they threaten native birds?

Monday – Business as usual

February 1, 2010

Very busy day for me today I’m afraid, so don’t expect the most riveting post ever. Here’s an old but sill good photo…


And here’s what happened in lessons today:

L6 Che 1 – We raced through some notes on solubility and hydration and you lot managed to do a lightning fast practical. Good job! Don’t forget test on thursday!

5 Phy – We finally finished our work on refraction with a little bit of dispersion. You can look forward to a practical on Friday but make sure you get the P5g Qs on p181 done.

5 Che – We looked at the notes on titrations and I deserted you for the last half of the lesson while you finished them off. Your prep was to do the C5d Qs on p180.

Thursday – Do believe the hype?

January 28, 2010

L6 Che 1 – We covered some more intermolecular forces stuff with a bit of a focus on hydrogen bonds. And it seems I might have mislead you! Each water is H bonded to 4 others… Sorry!

5 Phy – You guys actually did really well (in slightly chaotic circumstances) to calculate and then measure the critical angles of glass and perspex.

In other news… I’m pretty excited about this:

Apple's long awaited iPad

Thursday – Bendy water

January 21, 2010

L6 Che 1 – You lot did an investigation to find out whether some liquids were polar or non-polar, rather successfully I might add. Anyone still not sure how to spot a polar molecule should have a look at this site.

5 Phy – We looked at how light can be polarised horizontally or vertically using filters and saw what happened when we crossed the filters. Have a look at this site if you’d like to know more about how 3D cinemas work. 


January 18, 2010

5 Phy – We looked at diffraction and interference patterns. I was asked whether it is possible to ‘stop’ light and here’s the answer to that question.

L6 Che 1 – We went over the first part of our notes on 2.1 ‘Intermediate bonding and polarity’ and I hope your all OK with the concept of electronegativity, if not, do ask because it’s important!

5 Che – We looked at electrolysis in more detail and I set you some calculations for prep, make sure you convert time into seconds when doing those questions, unless you want your answers to be hideously wrong!