Wednesday – Another post?!

December 12, 2012

Just had to post a link to this great website:

Have a look at some amazing materials!

A superb site from the folks at UCL about materials science that showcases some amazingly futuristic ‘stuff’.


Wednesday – In Memory of Sir Patrick Moore

December 12, 2012

An inspiration to so many. He’ll be missed.

Thursday – Great job Boys (and Girls!)

November 29, 2012

This morning the Environmental Activity Group gave a presentation to the whole school in chapel and it was superb! The message was all about looking after the planet and why what we do as a school/individuals matters. Here are two really great video clips that they used to illustrate their point:

They even managed to include a quiz, which was of course won by the boys… but it was close so well done to the girls also. They finished with this poignant quote from the legend that is David Attenborough:

“One of the things I don’t want to do is to look at my grandchildren and hear them say: “Grandfather, you knew it was happening – and you did nothing.”

Tuesday – Some Incredible Research

November 20, 2012

Probably the most elegant piece of research I’ve seen in a while and a fantastic outcome:


Scientists at the University of Cambridge have used nerve cells from a dog’s nose to repair spinal damage and give the dog back use of its back legs! Jasper is looking healthy and doing well!

Wednesday – A flurry of activity!

November 14, 2012

I’d be the first to admit that I don’t post as often as I wold like to but when I do get round to posting… I like to think it’s worth waiting for!

The Amazing World Clock from Poodwaddle – displays some fascinating data in a really eye-opening way

The Royal Society of Chemistry’s Learning Site – Is packed full of useful resources for Chemistry students of all ages

Also – on the topic of the RSC: There’s a public lecture on the chemistry of drug discovery at the Duke of York’s School in Dover tonight. I’ll see you there!


Wednesday – Thanks Ben!

November 7, 2012

Amazing materials chemistry from the Periodic Table Videos team at the University of Nottingham.

Friday – Global James Bond Day!!

October 5, 2012
Timothy Dalton as James Bond

“The name’s Bond, Ionic Bond – Taken not shared!”

Saturday – A Lizard

September 29, 2012

By Lee Daubney from National Geographic

Loads more great pictures on their site!

Thursday – Amazing Images…

September 20, 2012

…From the Astronomy Photographer of the Year contest:

Wednesday – Food for Thought on Badgers…

September 19, 2012

If watching the above video makes you feel strongly about the issues discussed then you may wish to sign the petition here.