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Saturday – A little late but… Welcome back!

January 12, 2013

After a busy festive season (mostly spent stuffing my face with unhealthy foodstuffs) I’m back and it’s back to business as usual here in school.

I’m reading a great book at the moment: Bad Science by Dr Ben Goldacre. Find it and read it if you can.


Pic from ‘Explorative Life Blog’

Dr Ben deals with evidence – how to collect it with properly designed experiments and how to use it sensibly. This story (from the BBC) is all about a really great experiment carried out a Newcastle University that’s shed some light on one of the great mysteries of science:

ImageWhy do our fingers end up looking like prunes when we spend too long in the bath?!




Tuesday – Welcome back!

September 11, 2012

I know we’ve been back a whole week already but things have been really busy!

I’m going to make a real effort to use this blog and twitter to share hints, tips and extra resources to support my teaching. So watch this space for that!

I will of course also be sharing anything strange/interesting/exciting from the world of Science…


New Scientist / PJ Rudall

…Like this African fruit, which has recently come to the attention of scientists. It’s shiny blue appearance is not down to any pigment, but how the light reflects from its surface.

In slightly sadder news, however…



…The Court of Appeal has rejected The Badger Trust’s last ditch attempt to halt the government’s controversial planned cull of badgers to halt the spread of TB in cows. We could be seeing a lot less of these already elusive creatures.

Tuesday – Big day tomorrow (and a holey material!)

June 12, 2012

Good luck for everyone sitting Chemistry exams tomorrow. If you work hard and do well then you too could be inventing cutting edge materials like this…

A metal-organic framework that could soak up carbon dioxide (BBC/University of Nottingham)

The simulation above shows an amazing new material, developed at the University of Nottingham, that can soak up carbon dioxide at high pressure but then hold on to it as the pressure is reduced again – an amazing property that could help us capture and store the greenhouse gas in future!

Wednesday – More revision: AS Intermolecular Forces

May 2, 2012

Hydrogen bonds

Permanent dipole - permanent dipole

London forces


Sunday – Just a little bit of revision: Ions

April 29, 2012

Just a table of ions


January 8, 2010

Hello and welcome to my brand new science based blog. You’ll find the blog-cupboard a little bare to start as I get up to speed with the technology and what kind of content I’d like to include. I’m aiming to post daily updates with brief summaries of that day’s lessons, links to topical science stories and a few surprises along the way!