Wednesday – get involved!

The bacteria on your hands could get you in trouble…

…according to this article on the BBC, which links nicely to the fantastic lecture from the UKC team last night.

Also, seeing as it is National Science and Engineering Week,  you should all go over to the British Science Association website and have a go at their science week quiz. Let me know how you get on!


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One Response to “Wednesday – get involved!”

  1. Ed T Says:

    Humans have lived on this for 500,000 years, and life has been on this planet for hundreds of millions of years and we and our ancestros have always had bacteria on our hands almost all time. And this is in general, absolutely demonstrably FINE. We will not collapse dead if we do not wash our hands with the 100% alcohol found in the despensers in the lunch hall before eating *with a knife and fork i might add, unless your Forrest who being American eats with his fingers* the school food.
    Its like in the dettol advert when it says “there is more bacteria on ur chopping board then your toilet seat” well clearly thats fine then, because we are not all dying every time we cut a tomato, OR go to the loo for that matter. Basically the advert is saying that the very thing they are selling you, is unneccesary.
    In summary, the hygene companys are using there time and money trying to combat the remaining 0.01% bacteria left in your home, and their waisting it.

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