Sunday – Competition time!

It’s Sunday, which can mean only one thing – Time for a new competition!

And it’s a nice easy one… Just tell me what’s your favorite chemical element and why?

The best, most imaginative answer will of course win a prize. Try looking at the excellent periodic videos or webelements websites if you need inspiration. Personally I’m partial to a bit of Lawrencium



10 Responses to “Sunday – Competition time!”

  1. pratima Says:

    my favorite element is helium because it is inert gas and does not react with anything and it is non-toxic, non-flammable gas as well.

  2. Hook Says:

    Helium because my voice goes funny when I inhale it!!!!!

  3. Robert Says:

    its a hard choice but ill say Ar aka GOLD!
    the reason for this is because i like pirates and they like gold.
    but what do they say ARRR! which reminds me of pirates aka Ar or gold also pirates love Gold.
    so there you have it hope i win whatever wacky prize that you giving bye.
    PS. Chemistry is the best science! LOL

  4. Robert Says:

    Not Applicable
    Na sodium, it doesnt actually go on for ever but if it was described as a trading card the name explains the age!
    ok its not brilliant but can i post more thatn one element

  5. Robert Says:

    by the way i was listening to bbc radio 2 and theyre doing the same thing as you they played the elemnt song and then asked what our favourate element was and give an explination, as well as there is a prize
    coinsidence i think not

  6. Robert Says:

    if not Na i chose Boron it sounds like boring but saying Chemistry is boring/Boron is a lie
    then how about Fe Iron anf Fe could mean Ferrous which means rusts interesting stuff

  7. Robert Says:

    ok ok i got it Al Aluminium it has Al which reminds me of alkene a rather intersting subject and it reminds me of that famous slogan on miss monks door: “were ALkene Chemists”
    simply classic…

  8. Simon Says:

    My reason is quite weak but here we go…my favourite element is Mercury (Hg), because it reminds me of Freddie Mercury, the lead singer of Queen and in my opinion, the best singer that has ever lived.

    (Although his real name was Farrokh Bulsara, he didn’t change his name to Mercury because it was his favourite element, he changed it to Mercury because that was the name of Queen’s record label at the time)

  9. Robert Says:

    yay i won i think na sodium would be the best one still
    simon queen is brilliant
    pratima good knowledge
    hey guys were alkene chemists

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