Monday – Bird watching

Lessons today: L6 CHE 1 – we started looking at 2.7 chemical equilibria; 5 PHY – you did a practical on resistance and you’re revising for the P5 test on Thursday; and 5 CHE – you’re practicing your calculations.

Away from academic things, a rather sad incident today made me consider the local wildlife…

Herring gulls might seem like a nuisance and I know there seem to be millions of them but they’re actually on the RSPB’s red list as their numbers have declined by more than half in the last 25 years!

And Parakeets, those beautiful bright green birds that can be seen in trees around the school grounds, are invaders from another continent, so should they be here? Do they threaten native birds?


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2 Responses to “Monday – Bird watching”

  1. Simon Says:

    What happened to the bird that was walking around?

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