Sunday – Another competition

I thought about seeing if you could identify the creature being held by this nice gentleman from the National Geographic Magazine:

Look at the size of it!

But that would be far too easy! So instead I’d just like you to tell me which freezes fastest hot water or cold water?

Just leave a comment with you answer. The best one wins a seriously good prize!



5 Responses to “Sunday – Another competition”

  1. Simon Says:

    The answer is hot water. It freezes faster than cold water but it is unknown why.

  2. robin Says:

    Hot water can freeze faster than cold water for a lot of experimental conditions. It has been seen and studied in numerous experiments. It has been known for a long time but until 1969 it has not been introduced into modern science, it was discovered by a Tanzanian high school student named Mpemba.

    If we get two cups of water and one is warmer than the other and we cool them at exactly the same condition and the warmer one cools first this is called the Mpemba effect, the difference cannot be ridiculous though for instance one is 99C and the other 2C.. But Yes Hot water can freeze beforefaster than cold water.


  3. Hook Says:

    All things being equal, cold water freezes faster.
    But hot water can be freezed before cold water, (Mpemba effect)

  4. Will Says:

    Hot water will freeze first.
    This is because when the water was heated some (if not all) of the dissolved gas will have left the water. This will make it freeze faster because dissolved gas lowers the freezing point liquids, so less dissolved gas means a higher freezing point. Also,

  5. Ben G Says:

    Hot Water

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