Wednesday – Are you quick on the draw?

Research shows that we can move more quickly if we’re under pressure, for example two gunslingers in a wild west shoot out…

cowboy action!

Test your reaction time – I wasn’t convinced so I went to this site to test myself. I only managed a pretty poor 243 ms, which is well bellow average. Can you beat me? I’m sure you can!

Back in the real world… 4 Phy were looking at the big bang theory, test on P2 is next Tuesday; 5 Che started a unit on gas pressure, prep was to do Qs 1-4 on the sheet; 2R did some work on their global warming leaflets, to be finished for prep and 4 Che started finishing their rates of reaction work. Phew!


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2 Responses to “Wednesday – Are you quick on the draw?”

  1. Simon Says:

    What was the name of the website which gives you a picture of a galaxy and surveys you about it?

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