Wednesday – Panic in lab 18 over NEOs!

4 phy – Here are some links, which you might find useful when researching NEOs today: NASA, wikipedia, UK National Space Centre, NEO tracking and the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs. Good luck! Oh, and remember we were speaking about the benefits of robotic space exploration? Oh dear… ‘Spirit rover – stuck for good

4 Che – Another rates of reaction investigation today. You’ll be writing it up on Friday so don’t lose your sheets!

2R – We looked at the greenhouse effect and acid rain. More about both of those here and here.

5 Che – We finished of C5c, which was all about concentration. Your prep was to do the C5c Qs on p180.


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5 Responses to “Wednesday – Panic in lab 18 over NEOs!”

  1. Simon Says:

    Apparently, an asteroid hit the city of Chiling-Yang in China in 1490 killing 10,000 people…I highly doubt this is true but could you check plese.

    • mrescience Says:

      Apparently it did happen! Although the city was Ch’ing-yang and the number of fatalities wasn’t recorded. More detailed report right here.

      • Simon Says:

        Firstly, thank you for…enlightening me on that issue.
        Secondly, I would like to apolagise for the fact that I was unable to complete the prep on the scale drawing of our Solar System. I am finding it far too difficult to find the right scale to use. I was wondering if you could help me in class tomorrow?

  2. Simon Says:

    hi sir
    when does this exersice finish.
    and what is the NEOs.
    could you please tell me the answer.

  3. Friday – Welcome back to 2011 and here’s 2010 in review « MrE Science Blog Says:

    […] Wednesday – Panic in lab 18 over NEOs! January 2010 4 comments Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Welcome! […]

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