Friday – Nearly exeat

5 Phy – You lot did a experiment to investigate refraction in glass and perspex, we’ll use your results next lesson so don’t lose them!

4 Phy – We looked at our solar system and I asked you if ours was the only one, I look forward to some interesting answers!

4 Che – You spent the lesson writing up you experiment on catalysts and you all did jolly well.

L6 Che 2 – You managed to make some jets of liquid bend round corners. Not something you see every day! I gave you some practice questions to do for next lesson as well as the 2.2 prep sheet.

And finally… If you have some spare time over exeat I can thoroughly recommend this brilliant program from the BBC about the history of chemistry and the science and technology news page also from the BBC where you can see this strange beast:

Snail fish


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