Tuesday – Lights in the sky

4 Phy – We looked at the Earth’s magnetic field and how it protects us from the harmful effects of cosmic rays, as shown in the picture below.

Solar wind

We also found out about how the magnetic field gives rise to the northern and southern lights. For more information on this go here and to watch some great videos of the aurora click here.

Aurora Borealis

I didn’t set any prep but if you’re reading this then maybe you can spare a few minutes to do some research into how the Moon was formed?

4 Che – As an introduction we watched a documentary about how hydrogen peroxide caused the sinking of the Kursk, a Russian submarine in 2000. Click here for an in-depth report from the Guardian newspaper.

2R – You started work on a poster project about fossil fuels and you’re going to carry on with that for prep. You can find some good information here.


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2 Responses to “Tuesday – Lights in the sky”

  1. chris Says:

    there is between 13.7 – 27.4 billion kg of gold in the sea, but it is so finely disolved, that it wouldn’t be wouldn’t be financially viable to extract it. so no, you wouldn’t get rich off it.

  2. Friday – Welcome back to 2011 and here’s 2010 in review « MrE Science Blog Says:

    […] Tuesday – Lights in the sky January 2010 1 comment 4 […]

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