5 Phy 1 – We zipped through the whole of P5e today. We covered satellite communications and diffraction of waves. Your prep was to do the questions on P5e on p180 and some of you still need to finish Qs 1-5 on p162.

4 Phy 2 and 4 Che 1 – We quickly went over the trickier questions from the school exam and I introduced you all to this blog, which you all rushed off to look at of course!

L6 Che 2 – We went over your notes on 2.1 ‘Shapes of molecules and ions’ and spent some time discussing allotropes of carbon including diamond. I forgot to say: can you please try to finish the 2.1 prep questions for tomorrow, those of you who didn’t get the sheet can find it here.


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One Response to “Friday”

  1. robin Says:

    I like the fact that you’ve managed to make a blog, im sure this is gonna help me out in the future.

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